About Us

We are a private owned company established since 2001 in Vietnam specializing in supplying handicraft products for hotels and resorts projects. Most of our design ideas are observing from the beauty of nature and so our products could bring harmony to projects.

Most of our clients are happy with our services because we make clients distinguished.

You can find three major product lines in this website are Wall Décor, Artwork and Lighting.

Of course that our traditional products focus on bamboo and rattan materials are also displayed at Bambu Decor; This is one of our 15-years old brand too.

The trend: “Handicraft products are more rare and other industrial projects are getting cheaper”

BB Decor’s slogan: “The beauty of nature is ultimate”

Our difference is: “Only hand-made products could make the differences; only differences could bring success to you”

Our contribution: “To respect nature and to protect environment”

Why us: “We have passion in this field, we have good reputation and we can make you outstanding”

Our commitment: “We will continue improve product’s quality and getting more profit in it so that we can take good care for 50 staffs down here so that they could have a happy life”

Our wishes: “Vietnamese artists could have a right job – They can live with this job – and later, many traditional villages could be created”.

Who are our customers? Hotels, Resorts, large public commercial buildings, luxury residences.