(Bài viết sưu tầm) PARIS, January 19, 2023 - Accor, a world leading hospitality group, today announced an exciting new addition to the Group’s unparalleled network of brands: Handwritten Collection, a global portfolio of charming bespoke hotels that offer an intimate and stylish hospitality experience.  Accor already has over 110 Handwritten leads globally totaling more than 11,500 rooms, including […]


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If you are our new customer and still wondering how our products look like then we are pleased to recommend you to visit this 5 stars apartment in Ha Noi, where you can really observe and touch it. Please watch our video.

Artwork is getting a lot of attention and being invested seriously nowadays! It has been considered more important than furniture because artwork could bring free advertising value through the internet.


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This hotel is so special because it displays a lot of local culture over paintings. Many visitors come here everyday, buying drinks but for selfies purpose. BB would like to have some suggestions: – Should separate Artwork consultant package and Interior consultant package. – Should collaborate the Artwork, Interior and Lighting package from the beginning.

These photos BB has taken from a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, BB suggests another option to deal with this case, the decision is yours.    

Construction process of wall lights in the hotel: – Surveying the current status and making construction drawings; – Prepare construction drawings signed by customers; – Prepare goods, costumes, document, tools, personal ID; – Carrying out procedures with security related protection room; – Carrying out procedures with the technical department related to occupational safety; – Carrying […]

Public Art is becoming an important part of many major projects because guests or visitors could take photos and post them on social networks everywhere which could give a free advertising to those projects, buildings.

It is now boring to take photos at the beaches because it is the same for every beach you go, the beach behind, the sand underneath and the sun on top. Nowadays, more and more resort’s owners invest art sculptures at the beach to attract more visitors. BB supplies this business with materials come from bamboo, […]

Vừa mang đến cảm giác thân thiện lại tạo nên nét chấm phá độc đáo, những món đồ trang trí được làm từ mây tre đan chính là thứ bạn chẳng thể bỏ qua được. Những năm gần đây xu hướng sử dụng đồ mây tre đan ngày càng được nhiều gia đình yêu thích không […]