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It is now boring to take photos at the beaches because it is the same for every beach you go, the beach behind, the sand underneath and the sun on top. Nowadays, more and more resort’s owners invest art sculptures at the beach to attract more visitors.

BB supplies this business with materials come from bamboo, wood, stone, metal, etc. Ideas may come from clients or from BB.

Normally, this is the way to be agreed between clients and BB:

– Clients send the layout;

– BB suggests quantity and location (free of charge);

– BB proposes idea one by one, with content’s explanation, material, price and durability expectation (only charge when clients accept any idea); and

– BB submits detail drawings, construction solution (only charge when accepting price).

When visitors enjoy taking photos, your resort will be well-known, your income will be increased, and this income is much higher than the value you have invested.

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Public Art is becoming an important part of many major projects because guests or visitors could take photos and post them on social networks everywhere which could give a free advertising to those projects, buildings.

Vừa mang đến cảm giác thân thiện lại tạo nên nét chấm phá độc đáo, những món đồ trang trí được làm từ mây tre đan chính là thứ bạn chẳng thể bỏ qua được. Những năm gần đây xu hướng sử dụng đồ mây tre đan ngày càng được nhiều gia đình yêu thích không […]